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Annette has magic fingers!!! It’s amazing watching her work and see the response of the horse and their body. I’ve seen her help so many horses including my own. She is just fabulous!!!!!
Mindy Burke
My son's horse was acting out like we had never seen before. This horse has been in the family for 22 years and we had never seen this type of behavior. We thought we were going to have to retire him. Annette worked her magic and also recommended chiropractic work and we have our boy back!! Also she works on my daughter's horse each year before fair. It helps him to preform at his best!!! Thank you Annette for your hard work and caring to keep us going!!!
Annette, I cannot thank you enough for the excellent work that you have been doing with Karma. I was so fortunate to find you and give you a try. I know that Karma enjoys your visits as I can see it in her expression when you are here. I love to watch you do bodywork on her especially when she becomes so relaxed that she drops her head and dozes off. Karma is certainly benefitting from your professional care and highly skilled practice. What sets you apart is you intuition, incredible knowledge base and drive to continue to ensure that karma has the best treatment plan that is right for her. As a horse mom, I respect the way that you listen and patiently respond to my questions about what you are doing to help Karma as well as why you are doing what you are doing. You are the whole package. Thank you.
Kelly Koch
Our industry has a track record of horses suffering burnout after a few years of working as therapy horses. Annette has helped several of them become comfortable enough to be happy in their jobs again. We’re seeing increased length of stride, better balance and more relaxation. All very important, especially for our students who lack those traits. Thanks Annette for your amazing bodywork, saddle fitting and exercise programs…they have been a godsend for our horses.
Trisha Kremer
Excellent bodywork sessions on my horse. He really enjoys them and can hardly wait until she comes back for the next one. Annette is friendly and extremely knowledgeable about horses and truly wants to help them feel their best.
Peggy Ziliak
We have know Annette for years. Her dedication to horses and their needs is truly amazing. She makes our barrel horses and trail horses feel their best. So knowledge and able to explain what is happening.
The thing I loved the most about Annette is how thorough she is and how intently she listened to my mare. She answered all of my questions throughout and I am still BLOWN AWAY at how much time she spent with my horse. She has continued to ask me follow up questions about my rides and my horses chiro visit results and I feel like we're building a plan together that's going to result in a happy and more comfortable horse. I understand that any part or all of my review may be used publicly on the Woof n' Hoof website.: I understand and accept. I understand that pictures of my animals may be used publicly on the Woof n' Hoof website.: I understand and accept.
Kayleigh Lavorini
Annette has so much horse knowledge and knows what each horse needs to be more comfortable in the pasture/under saddle. She was incredibly helpful to our lesson horses and improved their overall well-being. She helped soften, stretch, and release tight spots on all horses no matter the job. My favorite thing is she gave stretches to help on specific horses tight areas. 10/10 recommendation.
Rolling Hills Equestrian Center
Annette's passion is clearly helping horses feel their absolute best and she has done just that for my horses. My retired show horse is still going strong at 28 and my dressage horse is in better shape at 17 than he was at 7 and I know her working with them is a big factor in them being so happy and healthy.
Allison Titzer

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