over 30 years experience working with horses

“some benefits of Bodywork/Massage”

relieving tension and stress
improving balance
improving muscle tone
improving range of motion
increasing circulation
greater softness
Annette Schonabaum
Integrated Bodywork utilizing Masterson Method
Certified Equine & Canine Sports Massage Therapy (ESMT,CCMT)

Massage IS NOT a replacement for Veterinary care. Bodywork/Massage is meant to compliment the work of your vet and farrier.

Woof 'n hoof location updates

We typically serve the Southern Indiana, Kentuckiana, and Northern Kentucky from Evansville,IN to Alexandria KY, but can arrange other locations upon request. Keep up to date with where we’re at here.

Northern Kentucky

Hey friends!! I will be in Alexandria, Kentucky this weekend, May 16th & 17th. Please call or text to set up an appointment.

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Southern Indiana

Good morning! We’re in the Southern Indiana for the next week, so give us a call or send an email if you would like to

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What Customers Are Saying

Annette has so much horse knowledge and knows what each horse needs to be more comfortable in the pasture/under saddle. She was incredibly helpful to our lesson horses and improved their overall well-being. She helped soften, stretch, and release tight spots on all horses no matter the job. My favorite thing is she gave stretches to help on specific horses tight areas. 10/10 recommendation.
Rolling Hills Equestrian Center

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